Entering Into a PhD Program at Harvard

So this past fall I applied to several PhD programs around the country (and one outside the country)! Most of the programs I applied to were Organizational Behavior/Management PhD programs in Business Schools, although I did apply to a handful of Social Psych PhD programs. Before I started working as a Lab Manager at Columbia Business School I was set on applying to Social Psych programs. But upon being exposed to the world of psych research being conducted in Business Schools I was convinced that they were a better fit for my academic interests.

After a long a arduous application process, including three attempts at acing the GRE, I finally started hearing back from PhD programs. I got interviews with MIT Sloan, UMichigan Ross, Harvard Business School (HBS), and NYU Stern. Soon though I got an offer from HBS, and after being wait listed at several other institutions I felt that the Organizational Behavioral program at HBS was the best fit for my research interests, so I accepted!

It feels quite surreal to tell myself I am getting my PhD at Harvard. I don’t think it’s entirely sunk in yet, especially now that I’m embroiled in the stress of moving and leaving my current job. Nonetheless I am greatly looking forward to starting my doctoral work! This will be a big transition, and a worthwhile one.