Indie Music Is So 80s: Part 2

Read my first post and Part 3 on how indie music sounds like 80s music.

So 14 months ago I wrote about how I though the aesthetic of 80s music was “invading” modern indie music. Well I think the invasion is complete. Trust me, I’m not complaining, as my top tracks of 2013 is full of music that is clearly influenced by the sounds of the 80s.

Since my previous post was written in October of 2012, there’s a lot of music that’s been released since then, and I though I’d go through some of that music. If you like indie music with an 80s tinge, check out some of the bands below. Many of the bands appeared on my previous list, but these are new songs from 2013!

Whitby” by The Octopus Project

It’s a War” by Blackbird Blackbird

While I’m Alive” by STRFKR

So Strange” by Superhumanoids

Replicants” by MillionYoung

Closer Than This” by St. Lucia

Mosaic” by Fear of Men

In Vertigo” by Beach Fossils

A Dancing Shell” by Wild Nothing

Still Left With Me” by Craft Spells

No Stranger” by Small Black

Pretty Boy” by Young Galaxy

Oostende” by Keep Shelly in Athens

All I Wanna Do Is Live” by Flaamingos

The Mother We Share” by CHVRCHES


8 thoughts on “Indie Music Is So 80s: Part 2

  1. Totally agree with you with. Really dig the list. I would argue that we are even getting further into the time cycle and have started to head into a 90’s revival in indie music with the rise of skate/garage bands like FIDLER and the Orwells.

  2. The 80s-influenced music rival only really started in 2009/10, and hasn’t even gone mainstream. 90s stuff, on the other hand, has nothing to revive (trancey dance/EDM, dull alt rock, breakbeat, etc) as it’s been mainstream since, well, the 90s.

    The only 90s influence I’m hearing more of is the funky drummer beat (think Soul2Soul) and early house sounds . . . which started in the late 80s/early90s anyway.

    Grunge doesn’t need to come back. There’s still a mountain of mainstream Post-Grunge lingering around from the 2000s. It wouldn’t distinctly different to what’s already popular, like say Hard Rock or Hair Metal (which have also just come back).

    80s died and revived. The 90s never really died.

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