My GURPS Game in New York City

So I’ve been living in New York City for about 10 days now. I’m settled into my new job at Columbia, I’ve unpacked all my things in my apartment, and I’m ready to start recruiting for my GURPS game in New York City. I’m going to continue with the same setting I was running while in Chicago, which is a fantasy setting of my own creation. Having been here for only 10 days so far I have no idea where to hold a game and to find gamers. Luckily, through MeetUp I’ve been able find people interested in playing in my game. If by any chance you’re reading this and going “I live in New York, maybe I could play!” Please feel free to email me or visit the MeetUp page I have for my game! I also have an Obsidian Portal page for the campaign. I really hope that I’ll be able to find a good sized group of enthusiastic players who can meet twice a month! If there’s anywhere I should be able to find some role-players, it’s New York City.


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