New Job, New City

As I mentioned in a previos blog post, I have been considering several job offers from Columbia, Princeton, and the University of Chicago. Well recently I made my decision, and for the next two years (and potentially longer) I will be managing the Behavioral Research Lab at the Columbia Business School. My official position is “Lab Coordinator,” and unlike many lab jobs, I’m not working under a single professor. Instead the lab is available to all Business School faculty, and my job is to facilitate any and all aspects of research. Last week I spent 3 days in New York City training at the Business School, and now I have a much better sense of what I’ll be doing, and how to do it. While in New York City I also tried intensely to find a sublet for a few months, and luckily that worked out too! I found a great two bedroom apartment in central Harlem that I’ll be living in for 3 months. That will give me ample time to find a more permanent apartment where I can live for a year or more.

I’m also finishing up my thesis for my masters from UChicago. I’ve received most of my final grades for my coursework, and they’re all A’s orA-‘s, which is great! My thesis is due in July, so I’ve got to finish it up soon. Over the next few weeks I’ll be trying to finish it up, along with visiting all my family and friends in Maine. I came back to Maine this past weekend, and I have about two weeks here until I’m moving to New York City to start working during the first week of July. So while trying to finish my thesis, I’m also trying to visit all my friends and family. So much for a summer vacation! Regardless, I’m looking forward to my new apartment, my new job, a new city, and new adventures. I hope to continue my GURPS game in NYC, as the game in Chicago was a great success. I also hope to meet some new people and make some new friends, as I know nobody who lives in NYC. And I hope that because I’m living much closer to New England then I was in Chicago, that I’ll have more friends and family coming to visit me in Manhattan.

Overall I’m excited! There’s part of me that wishes I was working/living in or near Maine, but I know that NYC will be a fantastic experience, and my position at Columbia will not only be a great professional experience, but it will be invaluable for getting into a good Phd program in the coming years. But for now I’m writing, packing, and trying to say visit and say bye to all my friends. I’m sure I’ll be writing more in the near future about all the fun I (hopefully) will be having in NYC!



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