Some More Midwest Emo and Post-Rock Bands

In the past few months I’ve discovered some great Midwest-Emo and Post-Rock bands. Some I’ve found through merely searching, but to my surprise several indie bands have sent me some of their stuff, and politely asked if I could review their music on my blog. I’m certainly not a music critic, but I’m happy to give them a spot on my blog, and give some thoughts on their music. They were kind enough to reach out to me, so I’m happy to help them spread their band’s name.

I’ve come across many bands over the past few months, and I’ve detailed as many as I could below. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many of them have their stuff online for free 🙂

Snowing/Boyfriends/Street Smart Cyclist/1994!: On a few previous posts I mentioned a banded called Algernon Cadwallader. They are a great emo/math/screamo bands from Pennsylvania, one of my favorites! However, it turns out that Pennsylvania is an area outside the Midwest (at least how I define the Midwest) where this type of Midwest Emo has sprung up. Through my searches, it seems like Algernon Cadwallader has some “sister” bands.

The first band I found is Snowing. Snowing was formed in 2008, and broke up in 2011. In that time, they release one full album, and at least one EP. Here’s one of my favorite songs of there: “I Think We’re In Minsk.” Lucky for us, their album I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted and their EP (at least I think it’s an EP) Fuck Your Emotional Bullshit are completely free! I definitely recommend downloading these guys and giving their albums a full listen!

If you like Snowing, then you’ll definitely like Street Smart Cyclists, mostly because it seems like Snowing is mostly ex-members of Street Smart Cyclists. They played from 2005 till 2008, and are a great emo/math rock band. I picked up their album for cheap on iTunes, but you can listen to there stuff here.

Snowing also had some ex-members of a band called Boyfriends. Again, another band right out of the same tradition. They seems to have made two EPs and a demo, and luckily for us once again, you can get them all, for free, right here.

Boyfriends also had members in it from the band 1994! (man, these bands are incestuous). 1994! is another great emo band (and at this point that’s all I really have to say). You can listen to their stuff here. I couldn’t find any of their stuff for free, but maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough?

I did find this album on bandcamp that seems to be 1994! / Algernon Cadwallader / Snowing / Boys and Sex, all on some form of a compilation. What ever it is, it’s good stuff from some good bands! And if you’re curious who Boys and Sex are…they’re another great emo band related to the many I’ve mentioned above. You can find their stuff here, mostly for free.

Capillaries: The Capillaries are a post-rock, instrumental band from Atlanta, Georgia. Their music seems mostly straight up, ambient post-rock, of the Explosions in the Sky variety. I think they’re very good. You can check out their bandcamp here, and if you like them, pick up their album and like them on facebook.

Hitabaldaäs: Hitabaldaäs is a band from Barcelona, Spain. I would describe them as a post-rock band, but they’ve got a strong jazz/latin influence. It is a little avantgarde and occasionally psychedelic. It’s not really something I’ve heard before, but I really dig it! Check out their bandcamp here, and as always, if you dig, pick up their album and like them on facebook. Showing support for indie bands that you like is always important!

Più luce: Più luce, which mean “More Light,” is an Italian emo/math/hardcore band. They’re more hardcore then the emo bands I talked about above, but you can hear the emo influence. I like them, and you should check them out, and show them some support if you like ’em!

Hightide Hotel: I mentioned two songs by Hightide Hotel in a previous post. They’re a emo band from Philadelphia, and very similar to the bands from Pennsylvanian I mentioned above. However unlike many of those bands, Hightide Hotel had been around for a little while, produced several albums and EPs, and is still writing. You can get all their stuff on their bandcamp for cheap! Like all the bands I’ve mentioned before, if you like them, throw them a penny or two!

Finally, I’ve found a record company called Count Your Lucky Stars. It’s an independant label founded in 2007 in Michigan, and almost all the bands on the label are Midwest Emo type bands. Three of the bands I mentioned above are on the label, along with a plethora of superb emo bands, many of which I will probably talk about in the near future (once I listen to their stuff). As always, check out the label, and drop some cash for their bands to show your support!


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