More MidWest Emo Bands

So recently I’ve expanded my search for more MidWest Emo bands. Some are more math-rockish then others, but they all fit the description. I’d suggest checking my previous blog post that touches the subject of math-rock, post-rock, and midwest emo, and provides examples of each.

Here’s some of the bands and songs I found in my search. Enjoy!

Do Over” and “Killing a Camera” by Braid

Song For Ghosts To Haunt To” by Maps & Atlases

Viva La Speed Metal (Live)” by The Jazz June

Spit Fountain” by Algernon Cadwallader

Be My Lobster” and “I’m Just Slippin’ on Monsters, Thinkin’ About Life” by Hightide Hotel

Giving My Hands Away” and “Worn Out Weather” by My Heart To Joy

Sundays” by Joie De Vivre

Plays One On TV” and “I Know What  Lion Is” by Castevet

Summerville, SC” by Into It. Over It.

$600 Exorsism” and “Realometer” by By Surprise

Let’s Go Blue” by Hey Mercedes

Back And To The Left” by Texas Is The Reason

If you are enjoying the music above, I suggest looking into these bands more. If you’re on Spotify, my user name is ‘leesplez,’ and I have a playlist with a lot of good bands just like the ones above!


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