Life Update!

Well it’s been about 4 months since I last wrote on my blog, and a whole lotta stuff has occurred since then! Of which the most pertinent is my acceptance into graduate school. I will be attending the University of Chicago for their Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS). This is a one-year MA program with a strong interdisciplinary nature and an independent/individual focus. While I will be taking several core research classes, I will get to choose the majority of my classes from almost any department on campus. I personally want to study Psychology and Political Science, but considering the prestige of their Schools of Economics and Sociology, I may take some classes in those departments as well. What is also note worthy is that those who graduate from this program have an 80-90% acceptance rate with funded offers into PhD Programs! Considering that attaining my PhD in Social Psychology is still my goal, this is encouraging.

Truth be told I did not get accepted into any of the PhD programs I applied to, but considering the generous financial package from UChicago, and that fact that “many people would kill to have UChicago on their CVs” (as I am told), I am very happy to be attending UChicago. I am travelling to UChicago in mid-May to visit professors and staff, investigate housing options, and look at potential jobs. If all goes well, I hope to move to Chicago by mid-June, which is the beginning of their Summer Quarter, and I will be starting classes in September.

In other news, my Honors Thesis regarding the Tea Party Movement is going well, if not harrowingly. I graduate in less then 2 week (thank god), I was relieved of my position as President of Student Senate several weeks ago by the newly elected Exec Board (thank god), and all is relatively well in world of Jeff.

I know I say this every blog post, but I do hope to post more stuff more frequently, especially during the summer, where I hypothetically have more free time. Over the past several months, I have been having breakfast with a friend of mine who is a Preacher at the local church. Considering that I’m a borderline atheist (we’ll get into what that means later), our debates are heated, but productive and insightful! I think that I will start posting about some of the things him and I have been talking about, like the nature of faith, the validity of the Bible, morality etc…(all simple topics, obviously). I also would like to write about music some more! I also still follow politics and read the news like it’s my job, so overall I am never at a loss of something to talk about, just at a loss of time to write about it 😦

So yea, hopefully once I graduate I can write on here more. I will definitely give and update about my 4 day trip to Chicago in the coming weeks, and as always comments, questions and discussion are welcome 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. You should post your graduation speech — well done! And I’m sorry I’ll have to miss your honors thesis (being on the honors council I have the pleasure to here all the defenses), but I’ll be in Italy. I do plan to read it though! Congrats!

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