Lets Try This Again?

Well, if you can’t tell it has been almost 4 months since I last wrote on my blog. It is also no coincidence that this post is being written between semesters, when I actually have some semblance of free time. Nonetheless, there are many things I would like to write about. I have delved deeply into religion and philosophy this past semester, and I would like to explore those topics more. There is of course endless stories in the national news and in politics I could write about. I would also like to finish up my description of my time at SIPP at Stanford, even though that was 5 months ago. I have also ‘discovered’ a lot of new and excellent music, and I would like to share those findings as well!

Either way, I’ll see what I have time for over my winter break. The only significant news I have in my life worth reporting is that I have finished all my graduate school applications. I applied to multiple Ph.D programs around the country for Social Psychology, and I’m so thankful that they are done. I’m just hoping to hear back from the school as soon as possible.

So I hope to write something topic-specific on this blog soon, check in in the next week or so if you’re interested 🙂


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