Nonstop, baby!

What is nonstop, you ask? My work load….  :/

This is the summer, isn’t this the time where I am supposed to have lots of fun and relaxation? Well that hasn’t been my summer (at far as relaxation goes, I have has some episodes of fun). Either way, I have been really busy since I got back from California. I worked at two different “summer camps” that took most of my time, even though I really enjoyed them, and I am still working at my work study job on campus, so I’ve been working a lot! I also have been applying for scholarships, loans, graduate schools, the GREs, and have had little time to write on my blog! I am going to finish writing about my experience at SIPP, but currently I am preparing to move, so I a still inundated with things to do. Once school starts in a week and a half, I should have more free time, weird how that works….


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