One Whole Month…

So obviously, one month has passed since I last posted on this very blog. This state of affairs is certainly not what I had hoped to accomplish. Surprisingly, I think I have gotten more busy in since the summer started. I am taking a May class, which is 12 hours a weeks with 5+ hours of homework a week, and I’m working 20+ hours a week. So really I am not surprised that I have not had time to write on my blog. I’m hoping that when my class ends this week, I will be able to focus on more leisurely activities, and post more regularly on my blog.

So far though my summer has been great. The summer is beautiful in Western Maine, and I am really enjoying my class. I am taking a post-enlightenment political theory class, and I am enjoying it a lot! I have been working with the Facilites Management Department on campus, outside in the beautiful sun, and have been working in the local high schools. Summer so far has been great! I am all set to travel to Stanford for the Summer Institute in Political Psychology in July, and I have a steady job, so I don’t have much to complain about. Otherwise I’m doing great, enjoying summer, the gorgeous weather, and hanging out with my friends! What else could I ask for?


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