Super Busy

So I have been very, very busy lately. Spring Fling was last weekend, and running that was a lot of work. And this week was the last week before finals, so there are a bunch of papers and projects due. All together I believe this has been the busiest 2 weeks of the entire year! But it’s also been a very fulfilling week. Spring Fling went very well, and the Leadership Banquet went quite well too. This week I’ve gotten most of the work I planned on finishing done, and today myself and several senators packed up the senate office in preparation for the move to the mailroom. Overall it has been a very hectic couple of weeks, but it’s starting to calm down. I have one paper due Monday, a final on Monday then two finals on Tuesday, then I’m done! I’m excited to see my friends graduate on Saturday, and I will be moving into the summer hall on Sunday. I’m kinda bummed that I’m moving to Lockwood over the summer. I have lived in Dakin since October 2007, and lived there over every break since, including summers. But this summer there is construction on Dakin, so the summer hall is Lockwood this year. I haven’t moved anything in my room since I move in in 2007, so I’ve accumulated a lot of junk. Moving will certainly be a hefty endeavor! The only think I’m waiting for it to hear back from the jobs I applied to for summer work. I’ve had two interviews this week, and I think they went really well. Otherwise I’m just winding down, getting ready for the summer, and trying to find time to relax.

I’m sure the once summer comes along and I have more free time, you’ll start seeing more post on my blog!


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