The Summer Institute in Political Psychology

So yea…I’ve been pretty busy lately, and haven’t had time to post on my blog much. It is the middle of the semester, and I am as busy as ever. However there is one thing worth mentioning. I was accepted to the Summer Institute in Political Psychology at Stanford University. For those of you who are not aware, Stanford University is one of the best universities in the country. In the minds of many it is only seconded by Harvard and Yale. So the chance to attend anything significant at Standford is a excellent opportunity for me. As the name implies, the 3 week long event is centered around the academic study of political psychology as a field. Many professors from Standford and other universities will be coming to give lectures on issues and research related to political psychology. It’s designed for graduate students, so I hope that it will be exposed to methods and research that will prepare me for grad school (one of which I’m looking to apply to is Stanford)

So anyway, I am very excited about going to Stanford this summer. And although the cost of attendance, and the travel to San Francisco, will be a pretty penny, it is most certainly worth it.

Also, I have compiled an epic list of examples of Fox New’s bias and incompetence, and my next part of “Frustrations with Fox News” (part III) will be quite extensive!


3 thoughts on “The Summer Institute in Political Psychology

  1. Congratulations! UMF seems to produce many motivated students!

    Take some time to visit San Francisco. I was just there (for the first time) presenting at a conference. Wow that place is huge.

  2. It was just some of the Wilson Fellowship research I have been pursuing. Mathematical music theory. My attempt to understand how much musical information scales can contain given certain constraints on the collection.

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